BACKGROUND Every dark cloud has a silver lining, and without the awful policy of Western leaders backed up by Obama between 2008 and 2016, an outsider with the core values of America and the West at heart couldn't have emerged. Even if Donald Trump loses in November, as a poacher turned gamekeeper with an uncanny ability to read the game, he has made his mark. If he wins running mainstream, his harsh unfiltered words will bring sweet outcomes, if he loses, more sweet progressive socialist words and harsh outcomes. Only Islamic wolves in liberal sheep's clothing and their apologists fear him winning.

So The Win Back Super PAC is the brainchild of a British entrepreneur based out of Istanbul. It is a gift to Americans who have eyes to see and ears to hear some unpalatable home truths. Which means Americans who prefer to find fault with the core values of America and their projection onto inferior cultures will only find fault in the experiences, analysis and solutions proposed here. The Win Back Super PAC has retained the services of US registered Pegasus Productions, a sub-brand of Gunesten Ad Agency, as a source of unique outsider support, advertising and campaigning material.

This won't be the first Anglo American effort to make America work again, but it will be the first effort born out of an Anglo Turk emerging market project for Turkish startups and women entrepreneurs forged in Istanbul to make America strong again. An unconnected Super PAC gifted to America to bring some common sense to American and Western foreign policy is an American construct. Pegasus Productions is an American registered subsidiary inspired by the values that Donald Trump's common sense conservatism represents, and the sacrifices that an outsider makes when he steps into the political ring.